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Editing OTA in Imaging System Modifies Others
Hi Greg,

I decided to delete ST4, rename the data folder, and reinstall so I'd have a clean installation.  This is with 4.0c (it updated to 4.0c after the first run).

I'm still having the same problem trying to create three different imaging systems, each with a different OTA.  

After the clean install, I cloned a default imaging system, changed the OTA to my EdgeHD 9.25 specs.  Clicked done.
Clicked the gear next to imaging system drop-down to edit.  
Cloned a second default imaging system, entered my Esprit 120 refractor specs.  Clicked done.
Clicked the gear next to imaging system drop-down to edit.  
Cloned a third default imaging system, entered my Esprit 80 refractor specs.  Clicked done.

Now the imaging system drop-down in the main screen shows my three new imaging systems - EdgeHD 925, Esprit 120, Esprit 80.  

But selecting different imaging systems from the drop-down did not change the Img. Size column as expected - two of the three had the same Img Size and that should not be.

Clicked the gear icon next to the imaging system drop-down to edit my imaging systems.

"Select an Imaging System" list box shows the default IS's plus the three new ones I created.

Clicking my new IS's:
- Click EdgeHD 925 Imaging System but the OTA shows Esprit 120; clicked "Your OTA's" and only the Esprit 80 and Esprit 120 are listed.  No EdgeHD 925
- Click Esprit 80 Imaging System and OTA shown is Esprit 80
- Click Esprit 120 Imaging System and OTA shown is Esprit 120

So somehow when I created one of these imaging systems, the OTA information overwrote that of the first one I created.

Hope this helps, I have more combinations of imaging systems to enter but I don't want to continue until we can figure this out.

I have the same problem. I have a combination of cameras (two ASI cameras and one DSLR) and a combination of OTA's (72/400, 150/750 and C9.25) but when I change my imaging systems for simulations the OTA remains the same like I have not set up different OTA's. It always uses the last saved OTA.
I think there is a misconception about how the OTA database works. There is a list of OTAs each with their own parameters. When you assign an OTA from this list you are assigning the current set of parameters to your imaging system. If you edit the parameters for the OTA you are changing the OTA itself, and this will affect every imaging system it is assigned to. What you want to do is create a new OTA, and assign that to a new system rather than edit the parameters.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thanks Greg. I don't see where to create a new OTA. If I click "Your OTA's" there is a list of OTA's, and "OK", "Cancel" and "Delete" buttons, but no "New" or "Edit" button.

Hi Rowland,

In 'Imaging System' if you click the OTA button for an Imaging System, then the OTA Pool button, there is an option at the top of the list of OTAs to 'Enter Manually'. This may allow you to define a new OTA. I haven't tried it.

Hope this helps,

Hi Phil - that seems to work, thank you. It's probably in the documentation somewhere but I missed it.

This might be an area where some UI simplification could help. The camera dialogs are a little easier to follow, maybe OTA's could use the same approach.

That's great Rowland. I had a lot of problems trying to define my imaging systems initially. I tried to clone the default systems and kept messing the first one up when I tried to define the second one. I eventually got them sorted out by being careful not to change OTA parameters for different Imaging Systems that used the same OTA - one as a telescope at Primary Focus and one as a Piggyback system using camera lenses on the telescope mount. I also have a Camera Only setup that also has the same OTA despite it not being used. Maybe I can define a new OTA with no aperture and focal length and assign that to the camera on EQ mount.

So if I understand correctly I must enter my 3 cameras as Imagin Systems and I should ignore the OTA section. I cannot set up every single combination, I have to change the OTA in the Imagin System set up when I want to simulate my other scopes with my cameras. I really wanted to set up all my possible combinations that I use as I use 3 cameras and 3 OTA's ... So I have to remember only setting up my 3 camera than change the OTA's when I want to use a different one, I cannot set up as a 9 combination list
Hi CsMisi -

No, you can set up your 9 combinations. If you need more combinations, pick one from "Select an Imaging System" list and click Clone. This gives you a new Imaging System to define.

The key at that point is to pick your OTA from one of the lists at the bottom of the OTA dialog (OTA Pool, Your OTA's). If you need to define a new OTA, click "OTA Pool" and then "Enter Manually" in the OTA Pool list box.

Where I was getting tripped up was thinking that clicking the OTA name in the imaging system dialog box and then editing the OTA definition would create a new one. It doesn't - it changes the definition of that OTA globally.

If this is not clear I can take some screen shots and illustrate how to make it work.

Rowland thank you. You have explained perfectly. I have all my 9 combination set up now.

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