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How to uninstall/ clean reinstall ST4 Imaging?
Hello Phil,

As I understand it, you changed the name of an OTA that was being used by two different Imaging Systems. If these Imaging Systems are indeed sharing the same OTA, then it would be expected that the name of the OTA would change for the second system too.

I will look at your Imaging Systems in detail and get back to you.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Hi Greg,

Yes, I remember changing the name of the OTA while creating one of the piggyback systems. I started with a clone of the telescope system and thought that the OTA name should be changed to 'None - Camera only' or something similar based on my understanding of the instructions. The correct place to specify 'Camera Only' is apparently in the 'Optical Configuration' box. My reading of the directions was that I should change 'OTA' to 'None' if there was no OTA in the system. I did notice that the default system 'Canon 60Da on EQ Mount' still had TPO 12" in the OTA box, but it didn't register that the OTA would be ignored when 'Optical Configuration' is set to 'Camera Only'.

I think something is still picking up the OTA info though. When I use my system on the small EQ tracker and open the Interactive Atlas, then click the 'Camera' button and view the 'Sky Report', the system's aperture is reported as 10" . Your default IS 'Canon 60Da on EQ Mount' shows a 305mm aperture from the TPO 12" OTA too. The Sky Report isn't using the aperture of the camera lens, but is using the OTA aperture. This is a minor issue, but may indicate that something isn't working as intended.

I had success with the uninstall/clean reinstall yesterday. I set up 4 Imaging Systems and they all seem to work. The default IS "Canon 60Da on EQ Mount' now has 3 35mm lenses assigned to it, but I'll ignore that for now. I'm very happy that my systems seem the work properly. I created 2 Piggyback systems, one with no Magnification factor and one with a 1.4x Magnification factor (1.4x teleconverter). ST4i seems able to handle both IS's correctly. All of the lenses appear correct and the scale of the targets appears correct. The changes in effective f-stop are reflected in the SNR's shown in the Exposure Calculator.

I have one new issue. I can't open the exposure calculator by Right clicking on a target in the Interactive Atlas anymore. It was working correctly after the clean reinstall. I tried to image Sirius in the Camera view of the Atlas with one of the Piggyback systems and the screen went white. The value listed for ML at the bottom of the Camera view was 38 mag! The image looked like it was severely overexposed. I had to delete that IS and create a replacement to fix the issue.

I seem to have committed a number of rookie mistakes. Sorry for the trouble I've caused. Do you think a 'dirty' reinstall (keeping the 'Documents/Skytools4' folder intact) would restore the ability to access the Exposure Calculator from the Interactive atlas without wiping my IS's and other customizations? I'll await your reply before doing anything rash  Wink .

Great program, thanks again for all your hard work,

Phil S.

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