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Imaging Quality and Target Selection Tool
I have thought about it some more and done some experimenting, and I think I get what you are saying now. I need to do some more experimenting but I suspect that it may in fact not be working correctly.

When you set it to show objects that reach C for at least ten minutes, it may in fact be looking at the B duration instead of C. I never noticed that because I usually use A.

I will look into this and if it is not in fact doing what it says it is doing, which is testing the time at IQ C rather than B, then I will fix that in the upcoming update.


Using this same target, night and site, this is what I expect:

If I set the night filters for Image Quality C for 2 hours, it will show me any objects that are C or better for that amount of time. For this target, I would expect it to show up - and it doesn't.

Here's what I think that it's doing:

If I set the night filters for Image Quality C for 2 hours, it's seeing the "2 hour" part, but it's looking for Image Quality B, because the Q column for the object is B. Since the object is B for only 85 minutes, it does not show up.

I do get what you are saying about selecting objects with the best image quality. I have a natural tendency to go after only the best objects - but that's something that I want to change. I have some friends that are getting some nice images of thing that I would never attempt because they are too low, or setting too early, or whatever. I want to go after some of these objects occasionally.

Thanks very much for looking into this!

Hi Wade,

I apologize for being so slow to pick up on what you were saying. Thanks for hanging in there! I have already fixed the problem so it will be fixed in the next update.

Regarding the A, B, or C issue, here is my thinking: find (fixed) target objects that will be good to image regardless of the time of year. Use the Prime Time of Year filters in the Target Selection tool to find these. Create an imaging project for each and then forget about them. Make as many of these as you want. When you go to image on a particular night, whether it be tomorrow or six months from now, the projects suitable for that night will be prominently placed near tho top of the Scheduler. Eventually, the time will come for each target. When you do it this way, there is no reason to go for anything other than A, unless it never spends very much time at A. In that case, extend it to B.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thanks for hanging in there with me!

I'll look forward to the next update (and in the meantime, I will be creating some imaging projects to develop a good understanding of them).


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