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Wrong camera listed in schedule
I just purchased SkyTools 4 Imaging and wanted to push a single target through to the scheduler to learn the system. After reading the manual and watching a few videos.

I defined my location. I created my imaging system. Which is a C8 plus a Canon 5D Mark III at primary focus with no filters, all on a GEM mount.

I selected one target, M42, and created an Imaging Project for that.

I went to the Scheduler tab and selected the Imaging Project for M42 and clicked Add. The scheduled plan was listed on the right but, it listed "Orion Nebula, 1x9min, ISO 200, Sigma Art 24mm F1.4,...…". That lens should not be listed for this Imaging Project.

I double checked the configuration of the Imaging System and it seems correct to me. It did have to create a new camera for the 5DIII, but I think I did that right. I checked and there were no lenses defined to this Imaging System.

I am just now learning ST4 Imaging. This could very well be operator error. Please advise.

Greg Jones

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It does look like something has gone wrong. There shouldn't be any lens listed if your system is set ti Primary Focus and there is a telescope OTA defined. I will try to replicate the issue. Please send me the following:

1. A screen capture of the Imaging Project

2. Open the Imaging Systems dialog, select this system, and press the Save button. Save the system to a file where you can find it. Email me the file as an attachment. Email is support (at) skyhound dot com (put that all together in the usual email format).

I am close to another update, so I should be able to fix this quickly.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
This issue is now resolved with ST4i 4.0d.

Thank You,
Greg Jones

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