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Usage questions ..
(2018-09-24, 04:24 PM)theskyhound Wrote: Ok, I see what's going on now. But I hate kludges though. You should not have to do something as extreme as setting up two different projects for the same object. I think the issue is that you are setting the Imaging Project to complete at 60 SNR, when in fact, you apparently what a lot more than that. The SNR that you specify is supposed to be the total SNR that you want to achieve, not just the SNR on a single night.

Fair enough, and I hate kludges too ...

What I am running into when I speak to people about ST4, now that they have had some time to start using it, is that they naturally want to force it to work the way that they have always worked. But ignoring a few shortcomings, the way ST4 works came about entirely from using the model to get the best possible images. So if the user forces another way of working on to it, they will eventually become unhappy. Not only will ST4 be ill suited to the way they want to work, but they won't get the optimum results. For many people, using ST4 is going to mean changing how the work.

ST4 does indeed change the way things are done, and so far I'm more than happy ... I think I'm going to get at least 20% more lights per evening than before (once the full moon clears, of course) ..

< good advice >

Please let me know how things go and how you adapt as you learn the software. I know that it some ways ST4 will need to adapt too.

Sure!  Maybe you can give me some pointers at how to adjust my current workflow ... so here's what I do today (the "old way") ...

For each object (project) I'm shooting I'm going to be stacking 50+ lights (likely 100+ over time as I get better) with a goal of an SNR of 60.  I want to be able to go back and reprocess the lights as I get better and if I want to emphasize detail, or color, or whatever ... so each evening I for each project I'll take a number of lights on one side of the meridian or the other as well as the flats to go with those lights.  I track the average temperature (from my focuser thermocouple) and the SQM for that evening, and in the morning stack those lights plus darks from a master library for that temperature plus the latest bias frames into a master flat, master dark and master bias for that evening.  I then take those exposures and sort them by SQM (graduated in .02 units) to be later processed and stacked.

Using ST4 today, what I've done is for each DSO I'm interested in I've created twelve projects, each referring to a unique location. Those locations are East and West of meridian (using the obstructed horizon feature) and then with SQM values going through the range I've found at the location (from 21.32 to 21.24 by .02, 6 total).  Each project is defined by SNR, has a goal SNR of 80, is multi-night using "fine" detail (different for project types, but basically "fine" detail) and has a seeing value of 1.5" using "A" IQ and auto subexposure.  I group like-SNR and like-meridian side projects into Target Lists (so, East SQM 21.32, West SQM 21.26, etc.)

My site SNR's don't vary much night to night but do vary month to month, so based on the last evening's worse recorded SQM (typically around 2300, when the high clouds reflect light from a light dome from a nearby city) so I'll load up the appropriate Target List for the appropriate meridian side and generate two schedules.  ST4 is very good about picking what's good, so my scopes remain busy but in the morning some of the projects for objects imaged with SQM X will have made some progress and I'll have some lights ...

Some of the items from my current workflow that I need to work around ("kludge") are ...

- Single meridian side for the evening; that's to prevent the mirror flop that plagues 14's and to a lesser extent 11's
- Varying SQM's from night to night ... postprocessing is much easier if the background noise is as similar as possible, and I've had really bad results with some lights where the background SQM's vary.  It's easier for me to simply take a bunch of lights at a known SQM than try to convince PixInsight to sort things out

Hope this help and maybe you've got some ideas I can try!  Thx!

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