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Other imaging features?
Hello Greg,

Congratulations on shipping SkyTools 4 Imaging! it seems to take a very unique approach to managing multiple imaging projects. I am trying to figure out how it might fit into my imaging work flow. 

I currently manage my imaging projects with Sequence Generator Pro. It allows me to select multiple objects, framed very precisely to a few pixels, and image them over multiple nights. It keeps track of the progress on each one and allows me to rearrange them as necessary. SGP also handles dithering (in conjunction with PHD2), auto-focusing, and meridian flips. 

What ST4I appears to bring to the table is very sophisticated session management that leverages artificial intelligence (for lack of a better term) to optimize the signal to noise ratio of the selected targets. This approach is very attractive to me, but I would miss many of the other great (and essential) features of SGP. 

I was wondering:

1. What do you use for guiding/dithering/focusing/meridian flips? Do you plan to add these kinds of features?

2. Who do you see as the target audience for this program?

3. Do you plan to compete directly with SGP, TheSkyX, CCD Commander, and others?


Hi Glenn,

I ran into this sort of question when we first started beta testing. People seemed to expect ST4 to replace their existing software. People naturally want to understand what niche SkyTools belongs in, in terms of which software it replaces.

The short answer is that SkyTools 4 creates an entirely new niche. It's not meant to replace your other software.

I think this is an important topic, so I am in the process of starting a new thread rather than answer here. I look forward to your questions and comments on the new thread.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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