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ST4 Visual features
(2017-11-29, 05:46 PM)theskyhound Wrote: Hi Paul,

There are some screenshots here:

I  think you may have missed a feature in ST3. If you double-click on a date in the calendar this will bring up the Nightly Events window. You can also open it from the tool bar at the top of the Nightly Planner, where it will automatically open for the selected date and location. I believe this window lists all of the times you are looking for. You can also print it,but it isn't exactly a table per se.

ST4 brings the calendar into the planner window (rather than in a separate window). It can be switched between monthly, weekly, and nightly display modes.

For some reason in my ST3 Pro, when I switch to Nightly Events from the Nightly Planner via the toolbar button, the date in nightly planner seems to be the current date, not the date I set in Nightly Planner. Often I am using dates way in the future in my Nightly Planner and then quickly want to see when sunset/moonrise/astronomical twilight will occur on that date. 

As far as the screenshots, I love one with Lyra (the black stars on white background). Looks beautiful. Have you given an ETA on ST4?


- Paul

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