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SkyTools3 has stopped opening properly
Yesterday my SkyTools3 Pro developed a glitch in that while it apparently opened, briefly showed its opening splash screen and displayed its icon in the task bar of my Win10 laptop it did not actually display on screen. Hovering the mouse over the taskbar icon showed a thumbnail image of the SkyTools screen but that contained no detail being simply all white On right clicking the icon I got the usual small menu offering to close the application and on selecting that I saw the usual small SkyTools dialog saying that it was some time since the last backup but offering to close anyway. On selecting to close, the taskbar icon was removed.

I have the installation CDs so I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling SkyTools3 but I still have the problem. My guess is that one or other of the SkyTools support files has become corrupted and needs to be removed or amended.

Version uninstalled : 3.2j R2 Pro Edition
Operating system : Windows 10

Can you please advise?


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SkyTools3 has stopped opening properly - by Davos - 2018-05-13, 03:12 AM

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