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Conflicting exposure times?
Hi everyone! I have a problem in understanding the program.

The exposure times in each filter appear to be different in the imaging project ant in the scheduler. I send an attached file. I do not understand the reason.
Thank you!
Hi chisco,

I think that the primary reason for the difference in exposure between the color filters is because each filter has different transmission properties. Both the maximum transmission and the width of the passband for each color differ. Also there are color differences for each target that makes a target brighter in some color bands than in the others.

Hope this helps,

Phil S.
Also, the exposure times on the imaging project are generic. They are computed for the best conditions. This is because there is no way for the imaging project to know what the specific conditions are going to until the project is scheduled. The scheduler uses the current conditions, based on the location, imaging system, time of night (which tells us the altitude of the object, moon, twilight, etc.), and your weather settings.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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