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Running SkyTools 3.2j under Linux

Just wanted to let folks know that I've had very good inital results installing my original SkyTools3 Pro media into a machine running Linux Fedora 27 workstation, by first installing PlayOnLinux, and with that the Wine 'emulator'. Initial results are looking very positive. I was able to run the online update to 3.2j, and install everything on my extended data DVD. I'll post more details if anyone is interested in replicating what I've done. Very happy to be running SkyTools again, after ditching windows 10.

-Rick in Colorado
I'm interested! I'd do everything on Linux if I could.

Yes, i run ST3 under MacOs on using CrossOver (Wine).

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I have been using Sky Tools 3 Pro in Ubuntu or Mint for many years, without problem. Wines does the job to install and run the software.
Clear skies,
Glade it can be run on Linux builds. Trying to move more and more to Linux[Ubuntu], but work and some applications drive me usually back to windows.
Looking forward to Ubuntu 18.10 I'm still on 16. I think this year I try the new build.

Is there any information on telescope control/Real time? e.g. USB/COM port, Virtual COM-Port to WiFi? ... running Linux.

Thanks for the/any information.


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