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Scheduler Question
I have a question concerning the scheduler that I haven't been able to find in the help menus or videos. When I highlight the project and below it produces a list of filters with the start times and the exposures, it has a column for progress. I am trying to figure out if the progress is less than 100% does this mean this exposure time is partial complete. If so what are the next sets to schedule for a complete exposure time.

I may be misunderstanding what you mean by exposure time, so bare with me. To me, exposure time is how long you expose for a single image in one filter. Total exposure time is the total time spent exposing in one filter for the final stack of images. The images in the stack may all have been obtained on the same night, or they may have been obtained over several nights.

When you create an imaging project you specify an exposure goal for each filter in the project. This may have been specified directly in terms of the total exposure time, or indirectly by specifying a target SNR. When you schedule your observations the scheduler is working toward either the total exposure time or the SNR that was specified. If a project takes more than one night, you will have made progress toward that exposure goal. That progress is typically measured per filter, but the column on the scheduler combines the progress of the individual filters toward the final overall goal. So a progress here of 100% means that your goals have been met in all filters.

This column estimates the progress that will have been made after the observation is completed.

For this to work properly, you must track your progress via the Observations tab of the Imaging Project.

To answer your question specifically, it is not known what the next sets will be, as this will depend on the project, conditions, and time available the next time you observe. To see the next sets, first complete the observations on the Scheduler, track that progress via the Observations tab, and then schedule the project again.
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