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Skytools 4 integrate with Voyager?
Hi Greg,
can't comment on the name - perhaps it's a European thing - Voyager is Italian.

A lot of experienced imagers are switching to Voyager because it is basically bulletproof with extremely robust error handling, as well as an easy to use scripting language. It also has the best focusing of any program I've ever used.

It can best be described as a system integrator that can utilise a variety of well known programs to create and run sequences of images. It also now has a remote control app that can even use a phone from anywhere in the world to control an imaging system - no need for Teamviewer etc...There is a full wiki at

I realise that you have to ration your time as best you can, but I think Voyager may in the longer term be a Very Nice complement to Skytools. In addition Leo the developer is super helpful, and really knows how to code! He writes control software for major corporations..........


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