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Matching orientation ST vs
Hi Greg,

Re: not entirely sure about their understanding of "up". I checked the paper describing the algorithm, but there's no such information there. Interestingly, there was a CloudyNights thread about it and a shorter one on Flickr. 

Re: rotation. I went into the imaging system's Control System screen and checked "Camera Rotator". However, upon entering an explicit rotation angle, the rectangle representing the camera FOV still does not move. I tried repeatedly and I double-checked the above checkbox was enabled. I tried with both the Camera View window closed (right-click on the small circle, enter a particular rotation angle, notice the rectangle was not rotated)  as well as with the window displayed. Same result. The behaviour was correct, however, when I rotated the angle freely by dragging the small circle with the mouse.

This was with 4.0e.

Thanks for looking into it.

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