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DB Power Search and Constellation Filter
Hi Dennis,

I thought that I attached the screenshot of the database search. I'll try again. Ahh, the file exceeded 500kB. Screenshots from my 4k monitor yield ~700kB files.

I found that if I select a specific Imaging System instead of 'Any' in the database search, I can then select a Location and/or Date. Then the 'Select Constellation' button becomes active. After you choose the constellation/constellations you can switch the IS selection back to 'Any' and the selected constellation will remain active for your search.

I haven't tried to set a prior date for the search, just the current night.

You are right that St4i has a ton of great features. Greg has obviously put a lot of effort into the software. I've been using SkyTools since ST2 and have been very pleased with it.

Phil S.

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