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ST 3 Crashes with ASCOM and iOptron
Hi all,

I am searching for a solution to prevent ST 3 to crash when I use it with my iOptron AZMount Pro and Ascom. I am at the start of this, so any hint will be helpful. 
First, my setup:
Software: ST 3 Version 3k DL Pro, current iOptron Commander&Driver for the AZ Mount pro, current Ascom Plattform 6.4xx. 
Operating System WIN 10 (current) on a Mac with Parallels Desktop. 
Next my workflow:
I set up the Mount and do it inital routine. Than I connect my Windows to the mount's WiFi and start the iOptron Commander. After this, I connect ST 3 with the mount. This works flawless. Goto, sync, scopes position, disconnect, reconnect all OK.


mainly when I have the mount connected and do some changes in the virtual atlas e.g. zooming, scrolling, etc. ST shows a box with the info that a severe error occurred and ST has to close. No more error messages/codes. ST basically still works after that. Most of the time some feature freezes though. Like the context viewer or the atlas. 
I click ok on the error message and ST closes. I do a restart than an go on until it crashes again.
A side note, when the mount is connected and I move the scope with the handcontroller of the mount (centering an object e.g.) ST tells me "telescope slewing to target, telescope slew complete" every time I hit a directions button. A little bit odd in my view.

My current workaround is disconnecting the mount after a goto, do my observing and reconnect for the next goto and so on. This is OK but not really my favorite workflow  Smile

I can try to give some additional info, just let me know. 

Thanks for any help, suggestions!


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