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Question on guide concerning red bar
(2019-01-18, 12:39 AM)theskyhound Wrote: Sorry, its been so long since I used SkyTools 3 that I forgot how it worked.

This is described in detail in the help for the Nightly Planner (click the Tab help button on the tool bar). Time sliders are used in conjunction with the filters. So the results depend on your filter selections. Basically, you set up some filters. I recommend Above 2X, Complete Darkness only, and Visible (any difficulty). When you move the slider it will only display objects that meet all of the filter criteria during the time period that you define with the sliders.

Thanks Greg,
I get the picture - I thought there had to be some other factors involved in the filtering.
So the reason I'm seeing 106 objects still being displayed in a time period in which the red bar is supposed to filter them out - is because those object are associated with a certain (horizon, day/night, visibility) filter combination.

I do see some additional info in the planner help you pointed out under the heading "Limit the Visibility of Objects in the List to a Set Time Period"

There are two vertical red lines on the NightBar, usually found at the far ends.  These lines determine a time period within which the observing list filters must be met.  This can be useful if you are going to bed at a particular time, or plan to get up at 4:00 AM to start your observing: the observing list can be narrowed to only those objects appropriate to your time frame.

There are two times which delimit the time period: After and Before.  Only those objects that meet the filter criteria between these two times will be listed in the observing list.

To Set the After time, place the mouse pointer over the leftmost vertical red line on the NightBar.  The cursor will change to a left-right arrow.  Left-click the mouse.  Holding the button down, drag the vertical red line across the NightBar.  Note that the After time will change as you drag (look under the Filters heading where it says From (after time) to (before time)).

Drag the Before time line in a similar manner.

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