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Question on guide concerning red bar
I have a question concerning something stated in the guide concerning the red-bar functionality filtering out listed objects.

The guide states this:
If you are going to bed at a certain time, drag the red bar at the far-right of the NightBar (graphic at the top of the window) to your bedtime.  This will filter out objects that are not best observed before you go to bed.
So if I understand this correctly:
After a list has been generated - a certain number of listed objects may have an AM “Optimum” viewing time.

All objects on the list can then be sorted by “Optimum” viewing time - such items are sorted beginning with AM times.  

Then if the red bar (at the right) is progressively dragged to the left - items on the list having an "Optimum” viewing time which is after the AM time designated by the red bar are filtered out?

So then if the red-bar is dragged to midnight – all objects in the list that are after midnight will be filtered out?

Thanks in advance

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Question on guide concerning red bar - by dw_Skyhound - 2019-01-17, 03:55 PM

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