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Very low SNR contribution from Observations
Hi Rowland,

I noticed that in your Exposure Goals section you have selected 'Expose for' as 'Target Object' 'Faint Halo'. In the 'Info & Suggested Settings' section the MagA value is 23.68. I looked at NGC 2905 in the Exposure Calculator and the surface brightness difference between 'Main extent, arms' and 'Faint Halo' is ~2 magnitudes. That might account for the reduced SNR that you're getting.

I don't know the characteristics of your imaging system so I can't be sure. Maybe you're after the faint halo. In that case, ignore my observation.

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Phil S.

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RE: Very low SNR contribution from Observations - by PMSchu - 2018-12-25, 04:25 AM

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