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SNR impact of binning in CMOS cameras
(2019-09-24, 08:20 PM)theskyhound Wrote: Hello,

So far my testing has shown that there is ittle difference between the CCD binning calculation and the results of using a CMOS camera. So as a preliminary result I can say that if some changes are required for CMOS cameras they will likely only have a minor effect. I do want to keep looking into this, however, and have plans for a more accurate test in a few months. I'll post the result here.
FWIW, the situation with ZWO cameras seems a little .....  unconventional.  Here's a longish thread on the issue.  In my testing on an ASI294 it appears that the 16 bit bin is an average, while the 8 bit bin is summed.  It is not clear why ZWO implemented this.

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