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Using "Compare Imaging Systems" crashes Skytools 4
(2018-11-27, 05:12 PM)theskyhound Wrote: Hello Chris,

I am sorry to hear that you have run into a problem. This process looks at every defined imaging system, so the most likely reason for the crash is that one of your imaging  systems is somehow not fully set up or has an incorrect setting. Obviously it should not crash in the case, but this is all still pretty new. I would very much like to know what the source of the problem is.

The best solution is to find your "SkyTools 4" folder in your Documents, right-click on it and send it to a zip file. Then email me the zip file at support (at)

The SkyTools Support forum is the main forum below the SkyTools Discussion Forums. You aren't the first not to see it immediately, and I am not sure why! I will wait a while and then move this thread to the support forum.
 Hi Greg,

I have just emailed you the zip file as requested.

Chris Morriss

Chris Morriss

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