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Imaging Quality and Target Selection Tool
(2018-11-05, 05:33 PM)wadeh Wrote: Perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words.  I've taken a screen shot of a target list that contains just the PN that I mentioned above.  I have the date set for next year's Oregon Star Party and have turned off all of the filters to make sure that it shows up.  I don't have a site set up yet for OSP, so it's my home site.  That's why there's a hard stop at the left of the blue line, due to my obstructed horizon.  But if you look at the blue quality line, you can see that this object spends many hours in the sky.  It clears my tree line just after 11pm and continues to improve until about 4am.  To me, that object is available from 11pm for about 5 hours.  Yet the Target Selection tool shows it only from 1:50am and only for 85 minutes.

What this means to me in terms of target selection, is that I must turn off the duration and quality filters in order to get it to show up at all.  And when I do that with a large list, I'll see lots of objects (perhaps hundreds if I use a catalog like NGC) that actually aren't available and would need to go through them one at a time to find actual candidates.

I hope that this makes sense,

Hi Wade,

Ok, so try this. Set the Night Filters to:
IQ > Any, Duration > 1 hour, and check the Night Filters box

What that says is that it must be observable for at least an hour, and it should be displayed in the list.

But I suggest this instead:
IQ > B, Duration > 1 hour (oe less if you want).

This will show you targets that are at B or above for at least an hour. 

Is that working?
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer

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