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Imaging Quality and Target Selection Tool
Thanks for the response.

I've already set up the horizon data and that works fine. I can easily see when objects are below my obstructed horizon by the blue line in the Target Selection tool.

Based on your suggestion above, I took a look at the scheduler. It's not quite what I am looking for in my workflow. The biggest deal is that it seems to require that I create an imaging plan before any objects will show up there.

Here's what I am trying to do:

I live in an area with few clear nights a year. My imaging opportunities are pretty rare. I keep my imaging rig set up in the back yard all the time and uncover it when we get a clear night. Most of the time, I'll need to get things running after I get home from work (and half of the year, this is after it's already dark). I find that often times, I'll end up with a wasted opportunity because I don't know what I want to image.

What I'm looking for is a way to very quickly find out what's going to be visible in my available sky for 4 hours or more, along with when it's rises and sets relative to my tree line. The Target Selection tool would do exactly that, except that it tends to rule out the very best targets because they are the ones with an "A" quality score because they may be an A for only part of the night, even if they were B or better for the whole time they were visible.

The huge difference for me between the Target Selection tool and the Scheduler is the need to have some kind of imaging plan ahead of time. I want to have the Target Selection tool looking at large observing lists that may contain entire catalogs. Then I want to sit down for a few hours and run the calendar control through the next few months to see what targets are available. This would be a huge value to me because I could then keep a list of targets prominently placed in my back yard for each week of the year. So when I get a clear night, I could just look at what's available for that week and pick one.

Honestly, the image planning functionality is a lesser priority to me. I've been imaging long enough that I don't need a lot of help in planning which filters and exposure times, etc. to use. Picking a target, when almost all of my imaging is done opportunistically and at the last minute, is the hard part.

So please consider it a feature request that the Target Selection tool (or equivalent functionality) could allow me to filter based on the time any given object spends at my specified quality level or better. Actually, I would be happy if I could avoid the image quality duration completely and just had a filterable column that shows the amount of dark time each object spends above my obstructed horizon on the selected night.


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