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Imaging Quality and Target Selection Tool

There are two separate issues here:

1. You should define an obstructed horizon for your location. Once you do so, SkyTools will limit observations for your targets so that they will always be above the obstructed horizon. To do this, open your observing location and click on Create next to Obstructed Horizon on the bottom left.

2. How you expect things to work in planning is how they should work. E.g. if you set the minimum IQ to "C" it should start at the "C" block. But I think you may not be using the tools in the optimal way.

Here are some things to consider:

1. The Target selection tool is for selecting targets, so it operates on target objects rather than Imaging Projects. This is also true of the Exposure Calculator. So the settings for the Imaging Project do not affect it. Instead, look at the settings at the top of the dialog. But remember, the Target Selection tool is not meant for planning your observations. It is meant for selecting appropriate targets.

2. The Exposure Calculator is completely independent of any of the other tools. Changing its settings has no effect on the other tools, including the Target Selection and Scheduler.

3. Once you create a project, you should be using the Scheduler to plan your night of observation. It is the Scheduler that considers the minimum IQ that you set for your project. But even with the Scheduler it may sometimes appear to be inconsistent with the times that it uses to schedule. This is because for simplicity sake, the blue line on the Nightbar and (and related timings) is computed for the "representative filter." If you have more than one filter, one of the other filters may in fact start earlier or go later.
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