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A suggestion/possibility feature request
Hey Greg! One other app to potentially add to your "interface list" would be Voyager [] ... it's a pretty good contender to replace SGP for me, as was Prism, and the developer for this is also quite responsive ...

I occurred to me that as an intermediate step before you integrate into these various control apps (I count seven potential so far!) perhaps you could add an "export to text" button on the Scheduler once I generate a daily schedule? That would allow people to at least pull the bits from ST4 and then manually enter things ...

Currently when the Scheduler generates a list of targets and times on the right i have to manually read that, and enter it into the control program de jour ... I automate the "read" step with AutoIt doing screen scrapes, then let AutoIt put that into the control program of the day but that's a kludge. If I could export that list, even to a flat text file, that would save me the initial screen scrape from ST4 ... I still need AutoIt to import into the destination, but that's doable (and some take a known format as input, so it's trivial to write a converter from text into that format) ..

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