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How to disable/reset/disassociate telescope control?
I enabled the ASCOM simulator on the Skytools 3 Real Time tab to see how digital setting circles might work, if I were to use them.  I now want to restore the settings back to no telescope control, but there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for doing that.  When I click the "Telescope Control/Select-Configure telescope" on the "Real Time" tab, I see a check mark next to "ASCOM Supported telescope" along with selections for "Argo Navis" and "Sky Commander", but "None" is not an option.  Is there a cfg or ini file or a registry entry I can edit to restore Skytools so that Telescope Controls show nothing checked?

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How to disable/reset/disassociate telescope control? - by yeldahtron - 2018-09-04, 01:36 AM

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