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Uranus; Ariel, Miranda, Oberon, Titania and Umbriel
(2017-11-19, 10:12 PM)theskyhound Wrote: Miranda? Did somebody say Miranda?

Other new satellites in ST4:

Jupiter: Elara, Pasiphae, Sinope, Lysithea, Carme, Ananke
Neptune: Nereid

Hi Greg

Great news - thanks. I have found that SkyTools is consistently the most accurate of all the apps that I currently use for plotting and locating these somewhat fainter and less visited objects. Smile

How about Sycorax (Uranus) - I think this should be feasible with my rig although I may have to try from a dark sky sits as the light pollution in Brisbane is horrible.



(2017-11-25, 08:46 PM)blakesphere Wrote: I really enjoyed these images! I've been interested in view and imaging solar system moons.

Thanks Blake - it is quite extraordinary that amateur atronomers using relatively modest equipment can now locate and image these more exotic objects. Quite different to the era of the "Celestial Police".



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