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Tablets and ST Eyepiece Views
So I am thinking of getting a Windows tablet so I can use ST more easily at the eyepiece. Using a laptop does not work when I land up either on my knees or up on a ladder.

While I know ST will run on most any Windows 10 tablet,  I am interested in any recommendations that deal with the quality of the view. I gather low price tablets have less crisp resolution and other display weaknesses. At the other extreme are AMOLED displays on very high price devices that have gorgeous black with no light leakage.

So what I am interested to hear from this community is any experiences with "at the eyepiece" uses of tablets  for ST eyepiece and atlas views.


P.S. I have SkySafari on my Google Pixel and it just does not cannot come close to ST's ability portray what you will  see in the eyepiece (though I do love the AMOLED display).

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