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Tablets and ST Eyepiece Views
(2017-11-15, 08:16 PM)semiosteve Wrote: So I am thinking of getting a Windows tablet so I can use ST more easily at the eyepiece. Using a laptop does not work when I land up either on my knees or up on a ladder.

While I know ST will run on most any Windows 10 tablet,  I am interested in any recommendations that deal with the quality of the view. I gather low price tablets have less crisp resolution and other display weaknesses. At the other extreme are AMOLED displays on very high price devices that have gorgeous black with no light leakage.

So what I am interested to hear from this community is any experiences with "at the eyepiece" uses of tablets  for ST eyepiece and atlas views. 


P.S. I have SkySafari on my Google Pixel and it just does not cannot come close to ST's ability portray what you will  see in the eyepiece (though I do love the AMOLED display).

Looks like no one answers. Here are my 2 cents. I'm using a Surface 4, not because I want use it for it but it's what I have for my daily work anyway. Using a red filter while at the eyepiece and changing the screen resolution to 1440x960 with 100% scaling. More scaling will not work with the SkyTools 3 charts/maps. [seems to work in SkyTools 4 Imaging though.... YESSS] 

Other then that, I use it to control the telescope and to log observing sessions. It helps a lot to learn the key board short cuts. Another fun activity is to browse the Interactive sky atlas and just move the scope via button push[F3]. Add the object to a list and log it. I know SkyTools is a planning software, but hands down, at it's best at the telescope. Finding any object of interest sorted into lists and organized in groups makes it so easy and intuitive. Verifying with eyepiece view what's in the FOV and learning the sky better by looking at the finder charts. All in real time under the sky. Plus you will learn a lot about the technical in and outs of telescopes and astro-gear by slowly setting the software up for you needs [if you a beginner] All that will be tough to improve upon [bring it 4 Cool ] or find any other software what comes close to it. I tried e few since 2011.  

So yeah if you get Skytools to run on any tablet/small laptop you will have a blast at the EP once you get the hang of it. And no need for fancy LED screens. Wink  As darker the better. The Surface screen is a little overkill.

Have fun.


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