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Discovery Designations PN
Hi all,
I am currently hunting planetary nebulaes which are not listed NGC or IC. One discoverer ist Kronberger. I have found Kronberger PN 1 and PN 2 in Skytools. But there are more from this discoverer. What do I do wrong while searching or do I have to import the list from some source?
Thanks and cs,
you need to remember that the DSO lists in Skytools are pretty old now. Hopefully they will be updated in ST4. Most of the Kronberger PN have been discovered since ST3 came out so you would need to add them in to the Supplemental database individually I think unless you can find a discovery list. I think many of these would be in the DSH list I think so perhaps you can figure out a way to load that list automatically. Unfortunately I don't think there is a current up-to-date catalogue of all PN. There are many others missing from SkyTools as well like the MASH PN. It is also true that many of the Kronberger discoveries turned out not to be PN or are still undecided.
We are talking about a relatively small number of very obscure, often tiny, often very faint, and in many cases unconfirmed objects. So while many of these will appear in the updated ST4 database, others may not. So as Owen points out, this is the realm of supplemental database objects. I find it hard to believe that someone hasn't created a Kronberger observing list, and I am pretty sure I have seen an updated MASH list. So hopefully someone out there has one they can share.

So does anyone have a Kronberger or MASH PN list?
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
I am really only aware of these MASH PN that have been observed I guess the MASH I and II catalogues could be bulk loaded into the supplemental database if anyone had the interest. They don't contain any magnitude data though. Whether or not it would be worth it will depend on whether Greg has added these to ST4. There are lists of new PN being discovered all the time, including the ones discovered by French amateurs that are now in VizieR. Most of these will be of little, if any, interest to visual observers but they have all been discovered by amateur CCD imagers.

I have sent Greg an stx of the MASH PN reported as being visible from the Adventures in Deep Space web site. Hopefully it will get on the ST downloads site.


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