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Program Crash - galljj - 2018-09-27


I now find that when I right click to open the a chart from within the  target selection menu I get a series of errors - Logid:Sing Error ( twice), then Sqrt: Domain error, following which the program terminates.  Other right-click actions still work.  Attempting to invoke the last chart function from the top level also causes the program to terminate.

This is a new issue - previously right clicking worked fine - and I  created an obstructed horizon.  Since last successful operation, the following has happened:

1.  Some random Windows update
2. I activated an Avast Cleanup premium subscription and ran that program.  I kept program log files, and similar program specific items.

Taking a clue from the bitdefender problem, I uninstalled all the avast software ( I was previously using avast internet security - but that seemed to have caused no problem)

and then I ninstalled ST4 and I deleted the appdata/local/skyhound/skytools4/database files.

I reinstalled ST4.

But I still get the problem.

One odd point is that when I relaunch ST4 after the fresh install it still finds the imaging systems I had previously set up.  Is there another ST4 file that I missed deleting ?

ANy help appreciated.


RE: Program Crash - theskyhound - 2018-09-27

Hi John,

I just released the first update with many bug fixes, so try that first. You should be prompted to update when you start ST4, but if not, select Updates, Registration, and Feedback from the top level Setup menu. Then click check for updates.

If that doesn't resolve the problem, let me know.

RE: Program Crash - galljj - 2018-09-27


All is good now. I did not realize that the install created a skytools 4 folder in my "documents" . Once I deleted that - and all other skytools 4 files the re-install and update worked like a charm

Thanks for this cool tool


RE: Program Crash - theskyhound - 2018-09-27

Hi John,

I am glad that you have resolved your problem, but I wish you had contacted me before taking drastic action. I wished to understand what had happened so that I could keep it from happening to others in the future.


RE: Program Crash - galljj - 2018-09-28

Sorry about that. Does ST4 create a log file that might be helpful? If so, I may have a backup on my backup drive. Where would it be and what name?

But at least we know one remedy, even if we do not know the cause of the symptom !