Forum Announcement: Resources for New SkyTools Users

There are many resources available to help you get started and help you to get the most of out SkyTools

  • The SkyTools Help System -- the help system is not highly centralized. There is a table of contents, which will lead to to general opics. But there is a help button on every dialog, and when pressed, a page with detailed instructions for that dialog will appear, often with some context regarding its use. This is the primary purpose of the help system. If you may find that you know what you want to do but not where to start, use the How to.. button at the top of the planner window and charts. Most topics are covered there.
  • Built-in Tutorial -- start the tutorial from the button on the Planner tool bar. This tutorial gives you a brief tour of the main functions of SkyTools.
  • Video Tutorials -- these videos are available at our web site.
  • The Starter Edition Handbook -- this handbook is meant as an introductory guide to both the SkyTools Starter Edition and Amateur Astronomy. Those new to SkyTools or amateur astronomy may find it useful, regardless of the SkyTools edition they own.
  • Other Guides -- see this page for other various user guides

Also feel free to ask for help on the New Users Forum!