Forum Announcement: Get Support for SkyTools 3 Here
If you are having a serious problem such as a crash, have found a bug or an error, please post your problem here.

Other users are encouraged to help with minor issues, but this forum is also closely monitored by the SkyTools developer.

Always include the SkyTools Edition and version! This is displayed in SkyTools 3 on the SkyTools Preferences dialog accessed via the button bar on the main program window, and on the About SkyTools dialog in SkyTools 4. It is also helpful to include the version of Windows you are using and anything out of the ordinary about your system, such as running on a Mac with a Windows emulator.

Please be as specific as possible. In particular, be sure to describe the dialog or window where the error occurs, what error messages were reported, if any, and what action you took prior to the problem. Memory dumps are not necessary.

Posting a screen capture is often the quickest way to resolve a problem.

Example problem report:

Standard Edition, version 3.2i, Windows 10

When I click the Print button on the Interactive Atlas SkyTools crashes. I opened the Interactive Atlas via a right-click on the Open Cluster NGC 7726 in the Nightly Planner. I can repeat the problem. Printing after opening the atlas for other objects works ok.