Forum Announcement: Version 3.2j Update is Available
An update is available for SkyTools 3 Standard and Pro Editions.

The new version is 3.2j.

The Registration and Feedback functions stopped working because of changes to our web site. They have been updated. Similar changes at the Minor Planet Center (MPC) interfered with downloading some comet and minor planet data. This too has been fixed. Unfortunately fixes could not be made to the MPC downloads for those using Windows XP, due to a limitation of that operating system.

A reminder that product registration is required to update to the next full version, and that you may register as many times as you wish to update your information. Only the last registration is used.

Updates are cumulative.

You should be prompted to update automatically when you start SkyTools. Alternatively you can force the update by opening the SkyTools Preferences dialog from the Planner Tool Bar and clicking the "Check for Updates" button.

As always, the details can be found here: